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Mabinogi Duel: G2 EraOfDragons


▷ Mobile TCG with StrategyDuel with your own unique deck using 12 cardsUnlimited combinations and strategies with 1,000 different types of cards▷ Scenario ModeYou can easily learn the game by traveling through the Mabinogi world with unique/funny characters
▷ Duel Modes[Draft Mission] You can duel with 12 random cards! Doesn’t matter if you don’t possess any good cards![Daily Mission] Play with your own unique deck! New missions!Other modes including LIVE 1vs1 Duels and other battle modes!
▷ Card Trade[Soul Link] Allows for Card Trades, similar that of real life![Personal Shops] Allows duelers to trade with duelists from all over the world!
▷ Continuous Card UpdatesCharacters from [Mabinogi] and [Vindictus] have arrived in Mabinogi Duel!Meet different characters in Mabinogi Duel now!
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▶Customer Support
Are you having troubles with the gameplay?Visit or In-game Settings -> Customer Support!
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[Mabinogi Duel requires OS4.0 or higher for smooth gameplay. A crash might occur on some older devices. You will need a network connection to play.]